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How Trees GrowBark (Cork Cambium)Live veins
Vascular Cambium
BudsEpicormic Buds
Tree Architectural Models
Massart’s Model
Rauh’s Model
Angiosperm Buds
Gymnosperm Buds
Bud Types – Reproductive or Vegetative
Male Tree Flowers
LeavesLeaf Structure
Will water drops burn
The Phyllosphere
Why do conifer leaves bronze?
Conifer leaves
Conifer needle leaves
Conifer scale leaves
Conifer flat leaves
Plant Growth Regulators (or Phytohormones)
RootsHow roots absorb water & nutrients
When do roots grow?
The Rhizosphere
Root exudates
Root food storage & pruning timing
Root structure & architecture
Nitrogen-fixing and bonsai
ShootsRoot-shoot connections
Growth types
Satsuki azalea sports
Developmental Phases
XylemTrees’ water system
PhenologyArabidopsis – the model plant
Tropical bonsai
Keeping Bonsai HealthyBonsai growing mediumMulch – relevant for bonsai?
The Microbiome and Symbiotic MicrobesThe Endosphere
The Rhizosphere
The Phyllosphere
Nutrients for TreesFoliar feeding
Artificial light
What each nutrient does x17
Non-nutrient additives
What is organic fertiliser
Green Dream
SB Invigorator
Repairing (?) damage
Watering bonsai treesTranspiration
Water sources for bonsai
Water hardness, pH & bonsai
Repotting TipsChoosing a Pot
Tree Pathogens
Effect of Frost on Bonsai
Shaping BonsaiBonsai Tree Growth StagesTrunk thickening
How large should a bonsai trunk be?
Ramification of roots
Ramification of branches & foliage
Keeping or removing fruit & flowers
Leaf size reduction
Growing trees from seed
PruningCarbon or stainless steel tools
Cleaning conifer resin
Carving Trunks & Branches
Adding New Branches or Roots by Grafting
Repositioning Branches
Air-layering to create Bonsai
What is a Tree?Old Trees
Kingdom Plantae & Trees
What is a bonsai?
Creating a Bonsai Pinetum
Bonsai Pinetum Species
ReferencesReview – In Praise of Plants by Francis Halle
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