References to online source articles (which link elsewhere) mostly appear as ref. Any content I have found in books will include the author and date: (Trouet, 2022) and these books are listed below along with some links I have found useful. Any images which have been copied from other places will have the URL included in the image caption (unless they are my images).

Books (non-fiction)

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  • Johnson, E. (2020) Plant Tissue Culture: A Home-Based Guide How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget: Amazon
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Books (fiction)

  • The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring, Richard Preston
  • The Overstory, Richard Powers
  • The Arbonaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us, Meg Lowman
  • The Sixteen Trees of the Somme, Lars Mytting
  • Finding the Mother Tree, Suzanne Simard
  • The Golden Spruce, John Vaillant
  • Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake (about fungi, but very relevant to trees)
  • The Cone Gatherers, Robin Jenkins
  • Elderflora, Jared Farmer
  • Wildwood, a Journey Through Trees, Roger Deakin


The images for the header and icon used on this website were created using source images from ‘The Plant Stem: A Microscopic Aspect’ by Schweingruber & Börner, available to download here.