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Angiosperm buds

Angiosperms (flowering trees) are more predictable in terms of their buds, because in addition to the terminal bud/s, in most cases a bud is also developed below a leaf petiole (stalk), and when that leaf falls off, the new bud grows from that position, known as the leaf axil (hence it’s known as an axillary […] Read more… >

Bud types – reproductive and vegetative

The reproductive system and organs of plants are extremely varied and complex, and worthy of an entire website to themselves – a comprehensive view is beyond the scope of this website. But what I want to do is provide a bit of information to help you identify which buds might be reproductive vs vegetative. There […] Read more… >

Bonsai Tree Growth Stages

Most bonsai trees progress through stages of development, each with a different objective. In general the progression is thicken trunk -> achieve branch & root structure -> achieve branch, foliage & root ramification -> reduce leaf size -> evolve as branches grow/fall off. The faster we can move through the first few development stages, the […] Read more… >

Growth Types Table

Fixed Growth (determinate) (leaves formed inside the bud before opening) Free Growth (indeterminate)(leaves and buds continue forming throughout season) Rhythmic Growth (a bit of both) AshBeechHornbeamOakHickoryWalnutHorse chestnutPineSpruceGinkgo short shoots ElmLime/lindenCherryBirchPoplarWillowSweet gum/ liquidambarAlderAppleLarchJuniperWestern Red CedarCoastal RedwoodGinkgo long shootsMaple Loblolly pineShortleaf pineMonterey pineCaribbean pineCocoaRubber treeAvocadoMangoTeaLycheeCitrusOlivePinus radiata From Thomas (2018) and RNETR

Plant Growth Regulators (or Phytohormones)

You’ve probably heard of rooting hormone powder, or auxin, or gibberellins – these are all ‘Plant Growth Regulators’. Plant Growth Regulators used to be known as ‘phytohormones’ which means plant hormones. This has been quite a contentious topic among plant biologists. A hormone in an animal is a chemical messenger, a substance which acts as […] Read more… >

Epicormic Buds

There are a few different terms bandied about to describe buds which pop up in unexpected positions on a tree – ‘adventitious’, ‘dormant’, ‘suppressed’ ‘preventitious’ ‘proventitious’. Epicormic growth is actually just growth which forms on old-growth units of the tree – not in the current season’s growth.ref It’s great for bonsai because it helps keep […] Read more… >

Gymnosperm (Conifer) Budding

Gymnosperms relevant for bonsai include ginkgo and the Pinales order (Araucariaceae, Cephalotaxaceae, Cupressaceae, Pinaceae, Phyllocladaceae, Podocarpaceae, Sciadopityaceae & Taxaceae – this is explained in The kingdom Plantae and where trees fit in). Ginkgo is a special case described separately at the end of this post. So what we’re interested in in bonsai is where lateral […] Read more… >

Tree Phenology (or Seasonal Cycles)

The term phenology is used to describe the life cycle of a biological organism like a tree. Phenological events for trees include bud development, bud break, flowering, fruiting and leaf & fruit drop, as well as other unseen changes such as sap rising, seed development, root growth, cambial activity or hardening off of tissues for […] Read more… >