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Bonsai Pinetum Species List

Below is a shopping list if you’re wanting to create a bonsai pinetum. You may want to explore alternative species to include, if so the Gymnosperm database is a fantastic resource. ARAUCARIACEAE Monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana) and/or Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis and/or Kauri (Agathis australis) CUPRESSACEAE Basic (5 genera): Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa), Dawn […] Read more… >

Conifer flat leaves

Flat leaves are found across the conifer families including Taxus, Cephalotaxus, and even in Pinus (check out Pinus krempfii) as well as many of the Araucariaceae and Podocarpaceae families. Commonly known trees with this leaf shape include all varieties of yew, swamp cypress, dawn redwood and coast redwood. Here are some examples: Conifer flat leaves […] Read more… >

Conifer Leaves

I’ve been planning a post on this subject for a while because conifers have always been a bit scary to me from a bonsai point of view – they don’t seem as forgiving or obvious in terms of their growth behaviour. This was one of those subjects which ended up being a lot more interesting […] Read more… >

Rauhs Model

Rauh’s model represents the Cupressaceae family (cypress, juniper & redwood), some Araucariaceae, the Pinaceae family including most Pinus species, the Podocarpaceae family as well as angiosperms such as oak, maple and ash. It is a very common model for trees we encounter in bonsai. The architecture according to Rauh’s model includes a monopodial trunk (one […] Read more… >

Massarts Model

This architectural model is associated with many conifer families including Abies, Picea, Sequoia, Metasequoia, Cedrus, Taxodium, Taxus, Cephalotaxus, Ginkgo & Ilex aquifolium. The pattern for this architecture is a vertical, dominant trunk with rhythmic growth and which consequently produces regular tiers of branches at levels established by the growth of the trunk meristem. Branches are […] Read more… >

The kingdom Plantae and where trees fit in

Life on earth is classified into different categories and the process of doing this is the science of taxonomy. There is a lot of interesting history associated with biological taxonomy but my goal with this post is to show where trees fit into the taxonomy of life. Plant taxonomy is governed by the International Code […] Read more… >

Gymnosperm (Conifer) Budding

Gymnosperms relevant for bonsai include ginkgo and the Pinales order (Araucariaceae, Cephalotaxaceae, Cupressaceae, Pinaceae, Phyllocladaceae, Podocarpaceae, Sciadopityaceae & Taxaceae – this is explained in The kingdom Plantae and where trees fit in). Ginkgo is a special case described separately at the end of this post. So what we’re interested in in bonsai is where lateral […] Read more… >